01/04/2020 Women makes the world a new place

Wine Woman & Song

WomanA Miami-Dade Police station was shut down Tuesday soon after a woman brought in grenades she discovered in her residence, officials said.

usage: Compounds ending in -woman frequently correspond to the masculine compounds in -man : councilman, councilwoman congressman, congresswoman. The existing practice, esp. in edited written English, is to steer clear of the -man form in reference to a woman or the plural -guys when members of both sexes are involved. Frequently, a sex-neutral term is utilised for example, council member rather than either councilman or councilwoman representatives or legislators rather than congressmen. See also -man, -person.

Hi Singsub, I will be truthful in that I know quite tiny about the Saudi attitudes towards disability. I have never ever seen any individual disabled in Saudi apart from a couple of old folks becoming pushed in wheelchairs. I completely agree. Sadly, Wonder Woman’s early history has a lot of female subjugation constructed into it. Early versions had her becoming powerless if bound by a man.

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