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Pregnancy and Obesity – Know What the Potential Dangers Are

Pregnancy and Obesity - Know What the Potential Dangers Are

All women that are pregnant will gain pounds for their pregnancy progresses. Gaining weight is common it is a sign of a normal pregnancy. Too much gain pounds however just isn’t recommended since it might cause some complications. Hence, obese ladies who conceive have reached the chance of becoming pregnant to babies with birth defects. Pregnancy and obesity together are just not good because of its possible side effects both towards the mother and towards the baby. However, doctors cannot stop obese women from getting pregnant. Instead many obstetricians recommend obese mothers to see information regarding pregnancy and obesity.

Effects to the Mother

Pregnant ladies who are obese are near risk to develop several diseases along with other health complications. One of the complications of obesity is the development of a condition generally known as preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is seen as fluid retention, swelling, and high blood pressure level when pregnant. This condition can limit placental flow which may endanger the child. Obese women are also at risk of infections after becoming pregnant. Gestational diabetes is another condition that can be developed because of obesity while pregnant. Most obese women cannot give birth naturally because of possible complications countless will give birth via Caesarean Section.

Effects for the Baby

Since the mom and the infant are connected, any health condition mom may develop will most likely modify the fetus or the baby. Some of the complications on the baby caused by pregnancy are neural tube defects, macrosomia, and childhood obesity. Neural tube defects, for example, anencephaly and spina bifida are typical among babies whose mothers were obese during pregnancy. Macrosomia is a common condition wherein the child gains a lot of weight during development. This can create some problems during delivery. Based on studies, 29 % of babies born to obese mothers may be obese once they maybe four years old.

Preconception Counseling

Obese women who are pregnant aren’t advised to shed weight because it may also pose some health hazards both the caretaker and the child. Instead preconception counseling is recommended for obese women to assist them to see the link between pregnancy and obesity. During preconception counseling, the doctor can tell you towards the expectant women the possible perils of maternal obesity. This is not to scare them but to enable them to prepare. Pregnant women will even learn what you ought to do to reduce the hazards caused by maternal obesity.

What can be achieved?

There are a handful of resourceful materials women should get and study about pregnancy and obesity. You can ask a medical expert about them. These materials will incorporate the steps women may take to avoid complications when pregnant. Obese females who are certainly not yet pregnant and they are intending to have a very baby should lose weight before pregnancy. Women also need to watch how much they gain in pregnancy. Obese women should gain less weight in comparison with women with normal weight. A healthy and appropriate diet is essential to ensure that expectant women obtain proper nutrition. Also, there are pregnancy exercises that can limit putting on weight at once to promote a healthy pregnancy.