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Grooming Tips For Men – Having a Pleasant Appearance

Regardless of age or height, just about any man can massively improve his appearance with these steps:

1) Try to keep a clear face and skin. Use a product that was created to treat acne if the situation calls for it.

2) Shave, unless you highly prefer not to or/and you want to possibly cover up something like acne scars or/and any possible acne that’s remaining. My personal preference is to wet my entire face with warm water first, mostly then dry it with a paper towel, then use shaving liquid before using the shaver. To me this seems to be the fastest way.

Grooming Tips For Men - Having a Pleasant Appearance

3) Make sure most of, if not all of, your nose hair is trimmed.

4) If you have a uni-brow, get electrolysis or use a nose shaver on it.

5) Cut your nails and make sure they look clean.

6) Your eyes are an important part of your appearance. If your eyes look “baggy” or “sleepy”, resort to using eye drops. It’ll likely be worth it.

7) Make sure you have a great hairstyle that suits you. But if you are balding, do not try to hide it with a comb-over. It is a better idea to shave your head altogether in that case. Many women most likely do not have any problem with a shaved head, and some at least may even prefer it.

8) Among the most important tips is to keep your mouth fresh, always. Try to have at least mouthwash available for whenever you’ve finished eating. Keep having great hygiene overall as a top priority of yours.

9) Shower at least once a day.

10) This is an ultra-important one: Make sure the clothes you wear, and the style you have, match your personality! If you try to pretend that you’re a type of person you’re not by wearing certain clothes or trying to use a certain style, it will most likely show through your behaviors in subtle ways you may not even be aware of! The way to tell whether or not you should wear a certain outfit or set of clothes is to consider whether or not you’re comfortable in them. Try to avoid wearing bright colors, and make sure your shoes are pleasing to look at (women have a considerable awareness of a man’s shoes).

11) Whether or not you should have chest hair primarily appears to just be based on preference from what I’ve read. It does not really appear to matter much one way or another. But it is recommended that a man not have back hair.

12) Another tip is ironically not try too hard to look fashionable, because women may perceive this as being metrosexual, and women usually don’t want a man to actually be more stylish than them, from what I’ve read.

These are assumptions I have compiled into a whole after having read various eBooks about drawing and dating women. They ought to serve you well in the area of looks. Be sure to have most of, if not all of these grooming tips handled before you leave the door. Your female acquaintances may seem quite impressed.