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Food Supplements to Avoid For a Healthy Pregnancy

Food Supplements to Avoid For a Healthy Pregnancy

Taking vitamins is quite essential in pregnancy. This is because the meals that you just eat might not be enough for your baby’s development. Along with the rise in popularity of herbs and supplements, many pregnant women want to take herbs because they might have been utilized to taking them could they got pregnant.

Others take herbs not simply as food supplements but besides as medication towards the difficulties that they may be experiencing. However, you must please remember some herbs and food additives may be dangerous for your requirements plus your baby. Some of these are highlighted below:

1. Quinine

This is usually an additive to tonic water, which makes its taste slightly bitter. There ended up an incident when a woman gave birth to a child who suffered from withdrawal symptoms.

The mother had been drinking more than one liter of tonic water daily when she was pregnant. The baby had nervous tremors when he came to be but disappeared after two months. Experts advise that drinks containing quinine must be avoided by expecting mothers.

2. Ginseng

Researchers conducted a report for the effect of ginseng on the continuing development of a fetus in rats. Results of the research established that the development of the rat embryo was greatly suffering from the intake of ginseng. The higher the dose, the greater the abnormalities were found out.

Although the case study was applied to rats, the effects can be much like humans. The study only focused on the effects of one of the many active constituents of ginseng, which can be the Rb1, a ginsenoside. Ginseng has over 20 ginsenosides and connection between studies conducted showed different effects for the fetus.

The idea that the person constituents of ginseng have bad effects on the fetus means that this should be taken as being a precaution for women that are pregnant. The researchers of the study advise that ginseng extract must be avoided throughout the entire pregnancy.

The study, however, will not ensure that the overall effect from the whole herbal product mainly because it only focused on the effect for each constituent. It may have different effects when these constituents constructed. Hence, ginseng extract mustn’t be branded as dangerous, unless further studies about the effect with the whole product show dangerous results.

3. Ginkgo Biloba

One with the constituents with this supplement called colchicines, which is an alkaloid was discovered inside the placenta of females who ended up drinking this supplement. Research shows that colchicine is harmful to a growing fetus.

This constituent can build-up within the womb if ginkgo Biloba will be taken regularly during pregnancy. However, the case study only focused on the effect of colchicine with no studies that have been conducted that relate complications in pregnancy as related to intake in the ginkgo supplement.