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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of GHD Salon Straighteners

7 Tips to Get the Most Out of GHD Salon Straighteners

All GHD salon straighteners are extremely versatile; you can straighten, curl and tame your hair all in one. Ceramic plates glide over hair without snagging and infrared heat seals in your hairs’ natural oils. Safe even for daily use, as it sounds an alarm when it gets too hot for your hair. To get the most out of your GHD salon straightener, read on.

The Right Iron

For general use, for any hair type or style, try the GHD IV styler. For straightening or softening thick, long or afro hair, use the GHD IV salon styler. If you have short or thin hair to straighten or curl, try out the GHD IV mini styler.

Prepare Your Hair

Your hair needs to be clean and brushed smooth before styling. Use shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair and rinse well, using very cold water to boost shine. Begin to style when hair is fully dry, unless you are straightening thick, unruly curls. In that case, style while hair is damp for better results.

Get Protection

The right shampoo and conditioner will make a huge difference in the results. For dry hair, use GHD replenish shampoo and conditioner. Fix damaged hair with GHD nurture shampoo and conditioner, which uses protein to build hair back up. For dull hair, replenish your shine with GHD guardian shampoo and conditioner.

Straightening Tips

Once your bonce is clean, dried and brushed, divide it into sections, using clips or bands. Each section should be one inch flat, or slightly larger, so it fits easily on the GHD salon straightener’s plates.

If straightening fine hair, hold the iron at a 90-degree angle to the hair, applying light pressure. If straightening curly or frizzy, use wider plates. Start at the roots, avoiding the scalp and gently glide the iron down to the tips, repeating until satisfied.

To tame your hair into wavy curls, hold the iron at 180-degrees to your hair. Move down from roots to tips.

Curling Tips

When curling thin hair, start when dry but for thick hair, start when damp. For a more natural look, divide the hair sections of the underside and back of the head more thickly than the front near, the face.

Prep Products

For frizzy hair that refuses to behave, apply GHD obedience cream when hair is wet before you begin styling. Put a small amount in your hands then work it through your hair with your fingers. It is heat activated holding your style in place longer.

For protection from heat damage and a shine boost, try GHD thermal protector. Spray it into hair when damp, sectioning for better coverage.

Finishing Products

Polish with the right product. For thick hair, use GHD shining serum, which flattens frizz as it amps shine. Squirt a pea sized drop into your hands and rub them together, then apply to the middle, ends and roots of the hair, in that order.

For thin hair, use GHD polishing serum, which increases shine and decreases static.