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Hair Loss And DHT

Hair Loss And DHT

There are various types of hair thinning in the present society. But the most common form of thinning hair is androgenic-alopecia. Which is also called male pattern hair loss (MPB) and female male pattern baldness (FPB). Over 30 million women are affected by this condition as well as over 60 million men have MPB, and all are searching for a cure. So what causes it and your skill to prevent thinning hair and re-grow hair a result of MPB and FPB.

What Causes MPB And FPB –

The elements responsible for MPB and FPB are testosterone and also the enzyme, 5 alpha-reductase. These two interact together to produce the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This hormone then finds a hair follicle in which it will adhere to. When this happens, needed nutrients are stopped from reaching the follicle and hair strand. Eventually, the strand is lost, and also the follicle withers and dies.

But wait, I am a woman, just how do I have the male hormone testosterone? Women also create small amounts of testosterone using their ovaries. These are trapped in check through the female hormone estrogen. But when the amount of estrogen falls, including in the event the thyroid develops problems, each time a woman experiences menopause and after menopause, the testosterone hormones are then more prevalent, and definitely will talk with the 5 alpha-reductase enzymes to produce DHT.

Stopping MPB And FPB –

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two drugs for stopping of MPB, and one drug to manage FPB.

Propecia –

This drug was originally used to help men with an enlarged prostate, if this was discovered it may also assist in growing hair. In the 1990s it turned out approved by the FDA to use to help men control MPB. It was not approved for …

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Hair Loss and Cancer – Top Hair Tips For Women

Hair Loss and Cancer - Top Hair Tips For Women

Hair decrease, in general, may have a devastating effect on an individual, eroding by your self-esteem and confidence. Many women choose to conceal with wigs, however for black women obtaining a wig texture resembling their natural hair is virtually impossible. While there are a large number of shops selling wigs, very few can understand or fulfill the unique need. This article, therefore, gives a few insightful tips coming from a cancer sufferer which might help you make more informed choices and help you avoid a number of the hidden pitfalls.

Human Hair

Human hair wigs are versatile. They can be tonged, straightened, washed, and cut. The Yaki type of hair will have a very more natural texture but could be difficult to keep. However, unless you purchase a wig created from virgin hair, the product quality is limited if worn every day these wigs shed and appear dull rapidly. This is because through the manufacturing process the cortex is stripped hence the hair loses a level of protection. However remember, the harder you might be prepared to pay, usually the longer they are going to last.

Custom made wigs

Custom made wigs are costly but provide a tailor-made fit. In most instances, the head of hair supplied can be crimped in texture rather than European or Asian straight looking hair. If however you would rather a far more permanent solution and have the financial means, try and investigate a hair replacement system. Salons that provide this option are hardly any and far between, but they do exist.

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are usually much lighter and cooler to wear are available in a great variety of styles and textures. They are all to easy to wash, so long as you use the correct products, and dry in a short time. …

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